A World In Turmoil

Posted by Delaney (GEM Communications) on 28-Jan-2016 in

We are living in a world of turmoil. People suffer, hurt each other, cheat one another. Hateful attacks and economic collapses alike shatter the lives of many in Europe and all over the world. As we consider the all brokenness we see, there are times we’d rather turn from it. The problems are so great and so numerous, it is overwhelming and paralyzing to think about. But are we losing ourselves in a conceptual Gospel about a God who only deals with souls?

If we expect God’s sovereignty to end with our salvation, we’re wrong.

We are physical beings who live in a physical world that is just as dark and sick as our souls drenched in sin are. There are Greek families with no money, Parisians who miss their loved ones, Austrians and Hungarians and Germans whose cities have been upturned, middle eastern and north African refugees who live on the streets of a foreign land freezing and looking for rest. The pain and the problems are monetary and bodily as well as spiritual.

And while their weight is crushing, God addressed our material world with a flesh solution. Jesus. Jesus brought the power of heaven to an unbelieving earth. He healed the sick and multiplied food. He walked on the sea and called people back from death. He has made and still holds all things. The created things must obey Him. And He told us to speak and work in His name.

“We are called to engage the world practically, with shrewdness and innocence (Matt. 10:16). We cannot throw up our hands and call the situation intractable—which is an insult to a sovereign God…” – Chris Seiple of Christianity Today reminds us.

GEM missionaries go to Europe to tell people the Good News. But that Good News is not only good when they die. It is good for the eternity of their souls, yes, but it is also real hope for healing and provision and that the presence of God to goes before them always. It is the hope that their family of believers will love and care for them, serve and sacrifice for them, show them what Jesus is like.

If we knew the power we went with and believed the full sovereignty of God, would it change the way we approached the many problems of our world? Maybe take a leap and see.


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