Stories from Lesvos

Posted by GEM Communications Team on 23-Sep-2016 in Greece


The GEM Refuge initiative began fall 2015 as the world watched boat after boat unload refugees on the shores of Greece. Shaking from the freezing water and the terror of fleeing death by route of death, they would arrive. GEM knew that the only option was to go. As the ones with Hope and Love to offer hopeless and fearful people, God was inviting us to be part of His redemption and salvation story. So began the short-term trips, internships, missionaries relocating, the prayers, and the miracles.

Rani and Tyler met at a conference in The States, connecting over a common heart for nonbelievers in the Middle East. After Rani returned from a trip serving refugees, Tyler asked to go too. Together they went to Greece where the desperate brokenness of the situation settled deep into their souls. God’s burden for these people was heavy on them both, but so was His breath of Life which stirred throughout the camp they were serving.

Rani and Tyler both had their lives wrecked by God on their trip. Listen as they share what God did in and through them while they served on a team in Greece.

God has much to say about the lost sheep He is chasing. He wants to invite you into His story and show you what Love is. Please visit the Refuge website and consider a short-term trip. Join in bringing God’s Kingdom to earth.


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