Something Wondrous is Happening

Posted by on 15-Dec-2017 in Germany

A spiritual awakening is underway, unprecedented, spreading and multiplying. Muslim immigrants are turning from Islam to Christ in great numbers! We are in awe at what God is doing, and we believe you will be too.

Seven years ago, GEM missionaries Stephen and Susan Beck organized 24 Bible school students to form a new church near Frankfurt. It was to be for all peoples, not just Germans.

Stephen: “We had no idea what God was going to do, or that civil war and ISIS would soon drive millions of Muslim refugees into Europe—1.5 million to Germany. Nor did we dream that thousands would arrive disillusioned with Islam. “We hoped this new church would reach out to Turks, Greeks or Serbs. We were surprised when a few Afghans arrived, at their own initiative, and asked, ‘Would you tell us about Jesus and Christianity?’ Others followed from Iran and Iraq, and still more... and more. Sometimes it felt like a flood. Some told of a powerful vision, a brilliant man in white saying, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. Follow me.’ They wanted to know Who He was. We felt like spectators. God was doing something in our day that was beyond our greatest dreams.We had to respond. But how?



“I sent out an email to 10 German pastors asking if they were seeing similar awakenings, if they had any strategies or resources to help lead these Muslims to Christ, to fold them into their churches, and see them discipled. The 10 pastors replied that they were seeing similar awakenings, but didn’t have any strategies. So we held a conference. I expected 20 pastors at the most to come. Instead we had 180 pastors! They too told how they were surrounded by Muslim refugees who were coming to their churches, wanting to learn about Jesus. The result was five hours of confession, prayer and repentance— that their churches had been too focused on just Germans. With loud voices, they turned to the Lord, recognizing that God had brought these refugees to Europe where they could be won to Christ and discipled, that their churches were to be for all people. Such an amazing day! Stephen developed a strategy for that first church, calling it Mosaik (German for “mosaic,” viz., “varied and many”). Their focus was unifying believers together as one, loving one another in community no matter their nationality, growing together in Christ, telling others the good news of the gospel.

As word spread, another Mosaik conference was held, then another. Churches began to grow and multiply. That first church multiplied into other churches, 14 in all! Traditional churches that were dying began to thrive. Requests for the strategy came from pastors in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and England. About 350 pastors were trained in Switzerland and in India (for pastors from Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh) all with overwhelming response. Stephen feels called to even take Mosaik to Israel. One stagnant church of just 35 members in Germany experienced what must have seemed like an invasion—40 Iranians suddenly came to a service. About half them have now come to faith. Another small church held an Easter service. Forty-five visitors attended, 50 percent were Muslim. Churches have been expanding so fast that they are starting second services. Typically, the Mosaik churches utilize U.N.-style translators, who sit in the back, translating the sermons through earphones into Arabic, Dari (Afghanistan), Farsi (Iran) and Spanish. Even mainstream pastors who have traditionally resisted evangelicals are responding.

One approached Stephen: “I would like you to place a Mosaik church into my church so that people of other nations can hear the gospel and come to faith in Jesus. I want my German church to be swept into this evangelistic movement of God’s Spirit.” Stephen: “As this state church pastor (many of whom are liberal) spoke I could hardly believe my ears. God is doing something wonderful! I think too of Mohammed*, an imam from Pakistan. Jesus appeared to him and he became a believer, suffered great persecution, and fled to Germany as a refugee. He is part of the Mosaik movement and has a clear, apostolic calling. He is in the process of planting 170 churches, filled with former Muslims! He is training new Persian Christians to multiply and plant house churches. Another Muslim Background Believer (MBB) from Syria is named Philipose*. He is discipling 200 seekers in Athens.”

Think what’s happening. We can’t go to these closed nations. Instead God has brought them to us where we can train and equip them! Their lives have been radically transformed. Many are returning or will return home to evangelize and plant churches themselves. And here is something else that is amazing. Former Muslims are often the ones leading Europeans back to their roots, back to Christ. They are revitalizing the churches, bringing congregations back to life! Only God could have done this.

 May we invite you to be part of this historic movement, to join in? As this year-end approaches would you prayerfully consider making a special gift to help GEM ministries like Mosaik and many others?

Above all, please pray. Intercede for Stephen and Susan Beck, for those 14 new churches, and other new Mosaik churches as they are born. Pray for thousands of Muslims who have turned away from Islam, who are ready to meet their Savior and Lord. And pray that a great revival will sweep through Europe and the Muslim nations. Thank you for having a generous part. Lord, we give you all the glory!

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