Reshaping Our Future—GEM Anti-Racism Statement

Posted by Greater Europe Mission, International on 04-Jun-2020 in Europe

As an increasingly multicultural, multinational Evangelical Christian Mission agency headquartered in Europe but with a large presence in the United States, we were devastated to witness the senseless murder of George Floyd that was depicted in a brutal video released last week and are heartbroken by further stories of violence against Black and African American community members. This is totally wrong, racism is a sin, and this injustice cannot prevail. Things must change.

To all members of the Black and African American communities, we are sorry. We as an organisation stand with you, cry with you, and we want to support you. We have not listened or understood as we should have.
As we follow the teachings of Jesus, we must cast aside our own preconceptions and assumptions (Luke 10:25-37). We must cry with those who cry (Romans 12:13-15). We must support those calling for help (Ezekiel 34:15-16).

We are embracing this situation as an opportunity to listen, learn, and respond. Racism, discrimination, and prejudice are not new sins unique to our time, and yet in this moment we can respond, and we can seek to do better. We know that this is a complex issue with no easy answers. But we will never make progress unless we engage with the reality that racism exists, and we are all affected by it.

We recognise that this is not only a US issue, and it is not a political issue. This is an issue of the human heart that we must all confront.

Would you join us in praying for God to heal the wounds that only He can heal, and that He would give us courage to engage in this conversation honestly with our friends and neighbours?

We cannot let this pass unnoticed and we cannot let the conversation end without it reshaping our future as individuals and as an organisation.

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