Two Kingdoms in Germany

Posted by GEM Communications Team on 01-Dec-2015 in Germany

Two Kingdoms in Germany

While the enemy seeks to use fear, God is building something amazing behind the scenes 

While the world panics, God stays the same.
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Earlier this year, on the day before a major mayoral election in Cologne, Germany, one candidate, who is known for her conviction to welcome refugees,                                                                                     was stabbed by an enraged man who claimed he was trying to save the country by killing her. 

While we are praying for more measured responses than senseless violence, controversy and legitimate disagreements over how to handle the inpouring of refugees continue to grow across Europe. Many reasonable people are concerned with the implications of a new population of Middle Easterners entering their countries. 

Though chaos is loud, love and God's sovereignty remains. He is using every part of the situation for His glory. In Berlin, a historical facility representing freedom to the German people will now provide freedom to refugees. After overcoming Nazi use and acting as an operating base during the Berlin Air Lift, Tempelhof Airport is being converted into temporary housing for the many refugees flooding into Germany. 

With such violence and protest coming up against those trying to care for traumatized and weary people, GEM missionaries in Germany have been bravely diligent in seeking out refugees to love and welcoming nationals to encourage. Germany’s status quo has been interrupted. But we serve a God of divine interruptions and GEM missionaries are being obedient to follow The Lord’s movement.

Cologne is now the first “Destination City” where GEM will be focusing on reaching out to refugees who are arriving in Western Europe. By our missionaries helping refugees build their new lives in Cologne, offering friendship, and telling them about Jesus, we are praying for Jesus' name to be made known to every refugee.

Prayer Points:
  • Pray that compassion be a defining characteristic of German citizens and leadership.
  • Pray for resources to be used/distributed wisely in caring for refugees. 
  • Pray for God's provision for more resources. 
  • Pray for more redemption stories like the use of Tempelhof Airport and the kindness of WWII survivors towards war refugees of the Middle East.
  • Pray for Jesus' salvation for refugees and nationals in Germany.  



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