Iceland: Rugged Land and People

Posted by the GEM Prayer Team on 17-Oct-2016 in Iceland

Every week we pray for a country in Europe. This week join us in praying for Iceland.

Iceland is recognized as one of the happiest places on earth for many reasons; incredible untamed wilderness, economic stability, and a social care structure that rivals many places in the developed world.

Despite its astounding beauty and Christian heritage, Iceland readily embraces damaging ideas like patchwork families (women with children by multiple men) and struggles to recognize the God who lovingly created the mountains, seas, volcanoes and glaciers that mark the Icelandic landscape. Women are used to being the head of a family -- at many family holidays you can find a mom and a couple of dads with their respective kids in the same house.

Imagine such a rugged, committed, and happy people group embracing the unshakable love of God who created all that amazingness to woo their hearts.

Prayer Points

  • The Pilgrim Fellowship (Life Transformation Groups Initiative) is making a qualitative difference in the lives of Jesus followers in the Reykjavik area. Some 10 groups have been formed during the past year. Pray for the multiplication of these groups and for a disciple making movement in Iceland!
  • The national Lutheran churches and the smaller free churches, with a few notable exceptions, are struggling as people are giving up on “organized religion” and leaving the churches. Pray that Christians might discover a new self-identity and purpose as disciple making communities.
  • Church leaders, particularly younger ones, are weary of controversy, institutional protectionism and lack of fellowship in the Gospel. Pray that God will send a new Pentecost that results in radical, prophetic followers of Jesus who encourage each other and preach the gospel through their works as well as their words.

Video (less than 3 minutes)

Prayercast | Iceland from Prayercast on Vimeo.

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