Greece: The Crisis within the Crisis

Posted by GEM Communications Team on 05-Oct-2015 in Greece

Pray for Greece 
The crisis within the crisis
Will you take a moment to pray
for Hope in desparate situations?

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As scared people from the east and south flood into Europe looking for a chance at life, Greece and other gateway countries are being overwhelmed with refugees. Battling its own financial emergency and now serving as a respite to those worse off than themselves, Greece is drowning quickly, but continues to try and provide aide to its visitors. The Greek people and the refugees they are taking in all need real hope as their present reality is devastating and bleak. Pray with us for Light to shine bright in Greece and that wise Godly leaders rise up.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the financial meltdown to drive people to Jesus for lasting peace and security.
  • Pray for the Church to be purged of any heresy, syncretism, or division.
  • Pray for a clear presentation of the Gospel to reach a nation where very few have heard the Truth.
  • ray for supplies for refugee camps and that there are workers to minister to them in their time of displacement.
  • Pray for an openness to the Gospel in very hopeless situations.
If you hear God's call to go care for His sheep and share His hope with the many lost souls coming into Europe, find out more about opportunities to serve with our response effort, gem Refuge, by clicking here



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