Wales: Secularism in the United Kingdom

Posted by the GEM Prayer Team on 02-Mar-2015 in Wales

Once known as a land of revival, Wales has experienced a dramatic spiritual decline, and only 7% of the population attends a weekly religious service. Known for its nightlife by the locals instead of it's Celtic history and lush terrain, The Welsh people are in dire need of revival and an identity in Christ alone. Pray that the Holy Spirit would descend upon Wales, weed out lies, and replace them with the transformational truth of the Gospel. 

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the persistent problem of unemployment, especially among young men, in the South Wales Valleys.
  • In their search for meaning, many people have fallen prey to new age spirituality. Pray that people would be released from this deception.
  • Pray that the church would not be discouraged by the difficulties of ministry in a secular cultural climate.


Prayercast | Wales from Prayercast on Vimeo.

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