Crossing the Mediterranean

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Crossing the Mediterranean 

When a raft of Christian refugees broke down at sea.

"The captain tried again and again to revive the motor with no results..."
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Many stories have been told about the disasters caused by refugees crossing the unresting waters of the Mediterranean in flimsy rafts. The dangers are real and thousands have died. A strong number of those escaping are Syrian Christians pursued by violent men who are after their lives because of their faith in Jesus. A gem missionary helping refugees as they arrive heard first-hand accounts of God’s faithfulness to His children as they sought safety in a new land.

From the moment they fled their homes, a group of Syrian Christians had been denied a moment of sanctuary, sneaking out of Syria, hiding from the Coast Guard among the trees in Turkey, urgently searching for anyone to take them across the sea to Greece.

Before even getting into a raft, they had been reliant on God’s hand to keep them safe. After agreeing to pay a raft captain and clambering in an overflowing raft, they set out to open sea. Strained by the cold water and heavy load, the motor on the raft died so that the strong waves tore and flung the little raft about. They were told to keep very still, but fear caused the anxious to fidget and rock the raft, dangerously swaying and tipping it above the deep waters. Afraid that the raft would take on water and begin to sink, the captain tried again and again to revive the motor with no results.

In a moment of absolute desperation, one of the refugee Believers realized their genuine dependence upon The Lord for their very lives. The raft bowed in prayer. They pleaded with Yahweh, the God they had refused to deny when persecution came to their doorstep, the God they trusted enough that they still chose Him even when proclaiming His Kingship brought violence upon their families. They prayed to the God who parts the seas and calms them, all for His people. Then the captain tried the motor again. With a rumble it began and ran strong until the little raft arrived safe at Europe’s shore.

God is working in this exodus to Europe. He is bringing Christians and Muslims alike, calling His creations into love, promising to take care of them, wanting to reveal Himself to them. Jesus’ sovereignty will reign as the greatest theme of this historic event. Will you be one God uses to make Himself known to the lost? Will you move heaven to earth with the power of a saint’s prayer? Join gem as we say yes to the opportunity that God is welcoming us into – His story of salvation for all.




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