A Tragic Night But A Faithful God

Posted by GEM Leadership Team on 14-Nov-2015 in France

Pray for Paris

GEM's response to the French terror attacks

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A Tragic Night But a Faithful God

November 14, 2015
Paris, France 
Charles Cross

Today, our Greater Europe Mission family grieves with the people of France.

GEM’s roots started in France where it was birthed just after the Second World War, and France continues to be one of our largest focus areas. We deeply love the French people. 

The unfathomable tragedy of hate last night in Paris re-enforces the need for the saving message of love - the Gospel - to spread through ALL peoples of France and Europe. This is not only a war of bullets and suicide bombers; there is a spiritual battle raging across the continent.

While we are thankful to report no injuries to any of our missionaries, interns, or missions teams, please pray for those who have lost loved ones; and that God would use this terrible event to draw people to Himself.  

Just this week, we held a Discipleship Multiplication Training in Paris. On Thursday night, only 24 hours before the attacks, the whole training group was out on the streets in the city and had approximately 60 spiritual conversations. Some people asked our team to pray for world peace. Say a prayer for these people to be thinking about those conversations now and to seek the Prince of Peace.

Other ways to pray with us and our team in Paris:
• That further attacks would be thwarted.
• Against the spirit of fear and panic that could grab hold of the people.
• For the authorities to have wisdom in knowing how to deal with the situation.
• That God's people would be examples of His love and grace in the way they react.

As an unsaved Iranian neighbor told one of our teammates in Paris today when sharing about John 10:10: “May Jesus come. May Jesus live.” Yes, may Jesus come back and live in the heart of France.

Kneeling together in prayer,

Charles Cross
Field Leader, GEM France 

Cover photo courtesy of Furyk Nazar / Shutterstock.com



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