A New Thing In Europe

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Over the last year, GEM missionaries have seen God move in ways we never imagined. From Timisoara to Teeside, Europeans are experiencing changed hearts and changed lives, and the joy knowing God for the first time.

Parts of Romania are hotbeds of the occult and witchcraft…as well as home to large groups of unreached Roma (known as gypsies) and Romanians. GEM-trained disciple-makers just invited 130 youth from these very areas to a week-long camp. They reported that between 60 and 70 gave their lives to Christ. That's 50 percent!


Young people of Romania pose with GEM interns at a Discipleship Multiplication Training seminar. This is the fruit of your giving and intercession. What a joy to see young Europeans taking on the role of disciple making and church planting in their own nations.


Each youth is being followed up and discipled in their new faith by members of the GEM CityReach team in Romania. Dwight Poggemiller is leading GEM's Training and Development Team for all of Europe. He believes that some of these young people could well become incredible evangelists, disciple-makers, and church planters themselves, perhaps being mobilized as GEM missionaries. Their night has turned to day!

This year, 350 GEM missionaries are joining with Him throughout Europe. From GEM's CityReach Strategy to a new version of GEM's discipleship training program we call Discipleship Multiplication Training (DMT), God is on the move. A new zeal is awakening in the Christians of Europe!

Staff recently saw this awakening at discipleship training events (using DMT) in Berlin, Skopje, London, and Sofia. In Berlin, so many new believers from different backgrounds were trained that the sessions were held in German, English and Farsi. We've also had Christians attend a DMT seminar and, the same day, go out and lead people to Christ. Many of these new believers come together in discipleship groups and even become churches in their surrounding area.

The impact of disciple multiplication through GEM is having an impact to nations even beyond Europe. A young man from the Central African Republic came to Romania during their days of communism to study. He met Christ through a local Baptist church in Timisoara, where GEM workers have been discipling national believers. He began to minister with this church. When he returned to Africa, God gave him a zeal, a fire, to win his people to Christ and plant churches. God is showing us that when we reach Europe, we change the world.


Powerhouses of discipleship and multiplication: Daniel is on the left, Ciprian on the right. They could be highly successful businessmen in Romania. Instead, they are using GEM's DMT strategy, modeled after New Testament discipleship, to mobilize and train their own people to become disciple makers.


Missionary staff are passing on equally encouraging reports from France, England and Sweden. This year we have baptized and are now discipling more than 52 new believers from Muslim backgrounds in one location through our refugee program! This happened in a place where there had previously been little spiritual fruit.

God is doing a new thing in Europe!

People are turning to Him in ways we have never seen before. National leaders are awakening. Many of these workers have hearts ablaze to reach their own people. And at the same time that Europeans are being mobilized, more and more North Americans are coming to GEM, to join alongside them. This year we saw an increase of 20 percent in new GEM missionaries being appointed. Inquiries to join GEM have also swelled this year, growing from 2,200 to 2,750, a 27 percent increase.

There are many opportunities before us that can only be grasped through prayer and giving: more DMT seminars, recruiting and equipping new GEM missionaries, processing and sending short-term teams for the harvest, CityReach teams, discipleship and refugee centers, logistics, travel, Bibles for new believers, and much more. All these opportunities need your partnership.

Would you prayerfully consider a special gift to further expand the reach and the impact of these ministries?

God is looking for those whose hearts are open and ready, who will join with Him as He builds the Church and calls men and women to become His disciples. Together, let's help thousands declare that Jesus is Lord!

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