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Our Story

We have been married for over five years, having met through working with Operation Mobilization and pursing a bi-continental relationship between Oregon and Paraguay.
Over the years, we have seen that the Lord has gifted us both in the areas of hospitality, counseling and discipleship, as well as a burden for the German-speaking people groups of Western Europe. Most everything we desire to do in Europe we have been doing over the last five years, particularly since moving to Chicago two years ago.
Christian is currently finishing up his degree at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, majoring in evangelism and discipleship, while Linda has been working as an editor at Moody Publishers.
We are so excited to see how the Lord will use us in Austria this summer, and see what He will show us concerning our next steps.

Where We Work

Austria is considered to be dominantly Roman Catholic, although most are quite nominal if not Atheist. Among Protestants, discipleship is lacking severely, and the Austrian church is suffering greatly due to a significant misunderstanding of the gospel, and failure to disciple young believers.
Young people are hungry for community, fellowship, and real belonging in an environment that prides itself on its traditional history but finds itself caught up in the lie of meaninglessness that has made Europe one of the darkest continents on earth. Once hailed as the birthplace of the Reformation, it has been in rapid decline and rejection of the Lord post WWII.
We will be working with THE evangelical church in Baden, Austria (a small suburb of Vienna with approx. 30,000 people) from the start of June through the end of August, assisting the elders in the development of discipleship programs and spiritual leadership among the 20-30 something year old Austrians. We will be living close-by the church and will be connecting with other churches and missionaries around Austria to gain a more well-rounded understanding of Austria's specific needs.
This trip will be fulfilling Moody's requirement of internship for graduation, as well as serve as a scouting trip for us as we pursue going back to German-speaking Europe long-term.

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