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Serving refugees in Greece
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My Story

Hi! I'm originally from Oregon, but my journey to Greece has been a circuitous one. God first brought me to Thailand as a teacher where he introduced me to refugees for the first time. Then during summer break while teaching in Korea, God led me to the shores of Lesvos, Greece to serve with an NGO focusing on refugees. Little did I know I would be wrapping up my teaching career in Seoul to answer God's call into full time ministry. So now I will be heading back to Greece in response to God's promptings that began in 2010.

Where I Work

I'll be in the Athens area, working directly with one or two churches that have a strong refugee ministry. My specific role within the ministries is flexible as I seek to serve wherever they see fit. Those entering Europe through Greece come primarily from the Middle East and Africa. Because of its proximity to Turkey, Greece has become one of two main entry points into Europe as asylum seekers flee persecution. The need is great for people to minister to over 60,000 refugees that have flooded into Greece.

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