Our Mission

Reaching Europe by multiplying disciples and growing Christ's Church

Our Vision

God expanding His kingdom through all peoples of Europe to the world

Why Europe?

Europe is unreached

Europe is so post-Christian that it’s pre-Christian. Europe knows religion, but less than 2% claim to know Jesus personally

Europe has influence

Past, present, and future, Europe influences the world's economics, education, politics, philosophies and culture

Europe is connected

Through immigration, hundreds of distinct cultures live and exist in Europe, many representing unreached people groups

our focus


To follow Jesus means to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of those who are hurting. With thousands of refugees daily seeking Refuge from war, famine, rape, and murder, GEM is positioned to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Europe.


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DMT trains local European believers who then train others in effective evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. This training and evangelism movement continues to multiply across relationships and networks.

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our response

Europe is strategic and through a movement of prayer and practical ministry, we work to see God change this influential, connected, and unreached landscape. How can you join us in our mission?

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Humble Beginnings

In 1944 GEM's founder and US Navy Chaplain Bob Evans was injured by a mine in Southern France. During his recovery, he found the majority of locals did not have a personal relationship with Jesus and found his calling: to bring the Gospel to Europe. A band of passionate missionaries, lay-people, and leaders took to Bob's vision and saw GEM expand from its evangelistic roots in France to reach across Western and Eastern Europe and even North Africa.

Through this legacy, today GEM partners with scores of ministries across Europe: from Bible-seminaries to 1000-year-old churches, from Christian camps to coffee shops, each impacting the peoples of Europe with the authentic and relevant Word of the Gospel.

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