An Encounter on the Streets of Cologne

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  • posted on: October 16, 2012

Our Germany Field Leader, Jason, stands out in the middle of pedestrian areas in Cologne, holding a sign that says “Ansprechpartner” (“Contact Person”). When people stop to ask who or what he is the contact person for, he has an opportunity to engage them in conversation with a Gospel trajectory. (You can catch a glimpse of this in a Cologne video. CLICK HERE and look for Jason about a minute in.)

The following is a rather raw (and exhausting!) experience that he had a few weeks back.

Recently I had an intense encounter with a woman while doing our street outreach. She was obviously intelligent, speaking in a mix of both perfect british English and perfect German. Her aggressive monologue consisted of a disjointed tirade of humor, anger, praise, blasphemy, hurt, spite, hate and indignation.

Sometimes she was in my face. Sometimes she was on her knees in front of me. At one point she started singing parts of church hymns then she would switch and start cursing Jesus.

She did almost all the talking. She was so disjointed I never really could follow her and didn't know what to say. I just looked her in the eye and tried to show her respect and Christ's love. A couple of times I told her that I wanted everything good that God wanted for her. The rest of the time I prayed for her (and for myself!)

This is a very busy shopping street and there were lot's of people observing this whole thing. One of my GEM colleagues was standing nearby praying for me, while another was in a nearby restaurant supporting us in prayer as well.

When she finally moved on (it was so intense that I really don't know how long it lasted - 10, 15, maybe 20 minutes), I felt completely drained and queasy, so I quit earlier than usual and went home to lie down.

I know we are in a battle. We pray every time before we start the outreach that God would send us the people He wants us to connect with. Maybe time will tell why He sent me that particular woman. Please pray for us as we continue our street outreach, that God would protect us and also break through barriers in a mighty way.

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