Planting Churches in Holland

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  • posted on: March 09, 2015
Like many GEM missionaries, Peter and Margré Hays wear several different hats. In addition to being the parents of four adult children and still being involved with some of their 23 foster children, they are actively involved in ministry throughout Western Europe. Peter teaches theology at Tyndale Seminary in Holland (which trains many Eastern Europeans and Africans, as well as Western Europeans) and Margré is the Scandinavia Director for Community Bible Study International. They also plant churches in a predominantly atheistic culture, and are making a huge impact in both their local and global communities.


A Believer’s Response to the Paris Attacks

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  • posted on: January 13, 2015
Recent terrorist attacks in Paris, leading to a hostage crisis and ultimately the death of 17 people is truly disturbing news. The situation is complex, with many different contributing factors and angles – political, economic, religious, cultural, and social. How should believers from across the world, some of whom live in France, others of whom are far removed from Paris, respond? Many GEM missionaries see this as a call to prayer for France in particular and Europe as a whole.


Press Release: Welcome, Paul Stanley

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  • posted on: January 05, 2015
 Press Release – January 2015 Colorado Springs, Colorado


Merry Christmas!

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  • posted on: December 20, 2014
Henry and Celia wish the GEM family all a Merry Christmas from Colorado Springs, CO. Click for video. Merry Christmas from Henry and Celia.


The Romanian Revolution: 25 years on

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  • posted on: December 16, 2014
Today, December 16, 2014 marks twenty-five years to the start of the Romanian Revolution that overthrew the oppressive and violent communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu. The Revolution had a strong spiritual component with many at the time calling for Romanians to look to God at this time in their history. The significance of the Dictator being executed on December 25 is not lost for Romanians to this day. Certainly, a spiritual openness existed in the country following that time with over 3,500 churches being planted in fifteen years following those momentous events for change.