Our founder, Bob Evans, chose the name Greater Europe Mission in 1952 because he had a vision to someday have missionaries serving in northern and eastern Europe, as well as in North Africa.

GEM has more than 275 missionaries living in 26 countries in Europe, Eurasia and North Africa and ministering in another 10 countries.



GEM's mission is to disciple all peoples of Europe through rapidly-reproducing churches.  Regardless of a missionary's specific gifting and ministry assignment, (which could range from business to the arts to church-planting,) each missionary is held accountable for sharing their personal faith and the Gospel in a way that is simple and reproducible.

Our goal is not only to see churches planted throughout Europe and North Africa, it is to ignite a church-planting movement.  This happens through a seamless evangelism, discipleship, and church-planting process.  GEM appointees are trained in and practice these principles before departing for the field.


There is no typical age!  Please see the case studies below to meet the many faces of GEM:

  • A college intern who spent a summer serving in Sweden
  • A couple in their early 20's appointed to church-planting in France
  • A family appointed to serve in Scotland with 3 kids under the age of 4
  • A church-planting family in Germany with 3 kids aged 8-13
  • A single woman mobilizing prayer in the Republic of Georgia
  • A couple with grandchildren beginning their second career in Italy

2-3 weeks, 2-3 months, 2-3 years or long-term (more than 3 years). Click here to see opportunities.

If you feel that God might be calling you to serve Him in Europe with GEM, please fill out an inquiry form by clicking here. 

  1. First Step call with GEM
  2. Conversation with field personnel
  3. Application (on-line)
  4. Phone/Skype Interview
  5. References (Pastor/Employer/Co-worker/Personal)
  6. Biblical/Theological understanding
  7. Psychological profile
  8. Invitation to Candidate Orientation
  9. Candidate Orientation at IHQ (3 times/year for a week)

The steps usually take 2-3 months before an invitation to Candidate Orientation.

Candidate Orientation is held three times a year; usually in February, June, and November.  Costs are approximately $500/person.  Because of limited facilities, children are generally not included.

By joining GEM, you are joining a family who will surround and support you.  We desire to provide leadership and care at all levels.

Our Member Care department, both here and on the ground in Europe, is staffed with trained counselors.  They work with our office staff to evaluate each incoming candidate, wanting to ensure their success on the field.  Once a candidate is appointed, they are assigned a mentor who walks them through the support-raising and preparation process before they leave for the field.

Once on the field, we offer a variety of conferences, retreats, and time spent with Member Care to ensure your success.  Additionally, we have an internal website where we share prayer requests and pray for each other.

To ensure the educational success of your children, we partner with SHARE Education Services.  They work with each GEM family to evaluate education options.  (http://www.shareeducation.org/)

Additionally, our GEM-K's (our missionary kids who are of high school and college age) have their own retreats twice a year. They also receive personal mentoring throughout the year through Member Care, both while on the field and in North America.

No, you are not required to learn the local language before departing for the field.  The beginning of your time on the field will be primarily spent learning the language, whether it is through a formal language school, private tutoring, or other venues. 

Yes. GEM is a faith-based organization. Most of our missionaries build a team of partners who will pray for them and their ministries and undergird them financially. 

Support levels vary greatly depending on type of ministry, length of serve and location.  Each support schedule is highly individualized.

People go for: 2-3 weeks / 2-3 months / 2-3 years / 3+ years

Yes!  We partner with Kingdom Come Training to help you throughout your support-raising process. We also have staff in the office dedicated to helping our appointees raise their support.

GEM accepts and appoints candidates who are in small amounts of debt.  However, with the exception of student loans, it is best if your debts are paid before departing for the field.  In some situations, appointees are allowed to raise extra support to continue paying off student loans.

All the details are available on our "Donate" page. You may also call us at 800.436.4488 with any specific question you may have.