About Us


Can you imagine the unstoppable spread of the Gospel around the world? We can. The world has come to Europe. Reach Europe. Change the world. 
  • REACH EUROPE. Europe knows all about religion, but the knowledge and experience keep most from discovering a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Europe needs a new wave of people following Jesus in such a way that others are drawn to do the same.
  • EUROPE HAS INFLUENCE. Europe influences the world's economics, education, politics, philosophies and culture. Imagine what would happen if Europe's influence could be harnessed to extend God's Kingdom into the world.
  • EUROPE IS CONNECTED. The world, through intensive immigration, has literaly come to Europe. France alone is host to over 100 distinct cultures, with a third of them representing unreached people groups.* The relational network of Europe's immigrants has opened doors around the world for the Gospel. 

Want to see the unstoppable spread of the Gospel around the world? Reach Europe. Will you join us in reaching the nations?


Since 1949 God has used GEM to transform the lives of thousands in Europe by training Europeans to reach Europe. 
GEM is working to ignite discipleship movements in 50 cities over the next five years (50 in 5) by reproducing disciples of Jesus who make other disciples. To that end, GEM partnered in 2011 with two trainers who had helped spark a movement in South East Asia that grew to more than a million believers in less than a decade. Hundreds of GEM’s field workers, European co-workers, and North American church partners have been trained in a seamless Biblical framework to initiate effective evangelism and discipleship. We call this discipleship multiplication training or DMT.



To rapidly reproduce disciples and churches in key cities throughout Europe requires a specific type of leader. GEM is mobilizing catalytic leaders who have the needed experience and capacity to lead others to see discipleship movements in Europe and the world come to fruition. They have the innate ability to influence, inspire, and mobilize others to the vision of GEM and to reach Europe. They are mobilizing teams, churches, and individuals to ignite rapidly reproducing discipleship movements in the cities and people groups to which they are committed. Over the last year, God has blessed us with a growing number of leaders to reach the urban cities of Europe. 


GEM mobilizes individuals with a sense of calling to spread the Gospel in Europe to specific strategic cities and initiatives. Key to multiplying people being sent as well as those sending them, GEM also focuses on developing church partnerships. We believe in helping churches in North America gain experience locally and globally that train them to be effective in making disciples that make disciples. Our hope is that many will be called to serve in Europe. Our field staff partners with churches and individuals to provide the needed funds for ministry in Europe. By forming ministry teams made of people who are already on mission together with the strong support of churches behind them, we become more efficient in sending more people in less time.


Please explore our website to find ways that you can fuel movements through specific prayer, through personal involvement and by making it possible financially for others to join in what God is doing to reach Europe and change the world for His glory.