Tour de France 2013

// JUNE 15th to JULY 28th //


TDF2013As part of GEM’s strategy to see church planting movements ignited in major cities of France and across Europe, GEM invites the world to participate in a unique cultural moment in French history: The Centenary Tour de France 2013.

We have a truly great outreach opportunity next year with the 100th Tour. The Tour is one of the great sporting events of the world – an intense three week event that spreads across the country and is followed worldwide.

But the Tour itself is not the goal. This is an opportunity to leverage a major cultural event to impact a country in multiple locations and in multiple ways.

GEM is partnering with European and North American ministries to mobilize 7 teams of 7 people every week for 7 weeks at 7 locations throughout Paris and all over France, each focused on 1 of 7 ministry scenarios.

Of course this is not just about the summer – we strive for long-term spiritual impact and will work with our national and international partners toward that goal.

Each church/college team may send more than one team of an “ideal” 7 and each team will require a least one French language proļ¬cient team member plus a designated leader.


1. Hospitality/Service Mission among spectators/immigrants - Interfacing culture with the provision of food/water creating numerous gospel conversations.

2. Sport Coaching Camps - Happening in local parks/recreation facilities, in partnership with local French churches - soccer, baseball, basketball, American football etc. using unique sport to create engagement.

3. Creative Arts/Music teams - Engaging with local music festival moments. A range of styles for actors/creatives/poets/dancers etc.

4. Prayer Teams - Intercessing in support of the entire mission (Paris, Lyon and Marseilles based.)

5. Camp Teams - Children’s, English language and Adventure Camps in 2 different locations in France.

6. Mobile Teams - Following the tour. Two to three locations working with local churches in each stage venue. Community mission endeavor determined by local church vision

7. Paris Teams - Urban mission projects with GEM partners throughout this iconic city.

// Mission details: 10 day inclusive (one day travel) // 

Includes ONE day historical tour/free time in incredible Paris, ONE day of orientation and immersion in French culture, mission/vision, and SEVEN days of extraordinary Kingdom engagement.

(Please note, these are arrival/departure dates to/from France – Canada/USA. Flights would leave the evening prior to arrival on that day.)

Music Festival (pre-tour) teams: Arr June 15– Leave June 24

TdF week 1: Arr June 28 – Leave July 8

TdF week 2: Arr July 6 – Leave July 15

TdF week 3: Arr July 13 – Leave July 22

COST: $1,600
Includes - in-country transportation, training, room and board, background check project administration costs

Excludes - flights to/from France, tourism and meals on tourism day, passport costs


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