50 in 5: Reaching fifty key cities
in five years

Over half the world's population lives in cities, and urban discipleship movements are crucial to seeing the world reached with the Gospel. Imagine the impact of Jesus-followers in the globally-connected cities of Europe reaching out and engaging their city's unique culture from the highest leaders to the 'least of these'.


Come experience 7 incredible days by engaging some of Europe's strategic, bustling, and multicultural cities.

On a 50 in 5 Discovery Tour, you'll connect with GEM missionaries and partners by learning about their ministry with special emphasis on how God is using Discipleship and Evangelism to reach the nations. Who knows, maybe you'll even end up staying...

One life at a time

One of our teams was praying and sharing about their experience with Jesus among people living in a major European city. “Sahim” (not his real name) was from a war-torn country in North Africa. He interrupted before they could even finish their explanation of the gospel and declared his faith in Jesus.

“Sahim” immediately began sharing what had been shared with him and led two other immigrants to follow the Lord. The news continued to spread through family lines and over a dozen people got to hear about the life-changing power of Jesus from “Sahim’.


Consider the impact of your financial gift, which will enable missionaries, strategists, hands-on team members, churches, pastors, and parishioners to reach one of Europe's influential and growing cities with the Gospel!

Will you invest in the rapid spread of the Gospel in one of Europe’s key cities today?



Over the next 5 years, we are praying that God will launch a movement of reproducing disciples and churches in Europe's key cities, four or more generations deep. This movement will spill over into neighboring regions, countries, and literally around the globe.

Will you pray for the dynamic, radical, and rapid movement of the gospel throughout the cultural and political capitals of Europe?