Meet Andy

Starting on November 3, Andy Flannagan (friend of GEM, UK Parliment worship leader, and self-proclaimed musical Rouser of Rabble) will be touring the US to proclaim what God is doing in the UK, Europe, and the world. Find more details about Andy, his ministry, and the concert tour below:


Prayer with Jesus for the Nations

We're excited to announce a new strategy for focusing our prayers here at GEM. We believe that when we pray God does 'stuff'. He changes us, molds us into his image, and we see Him respond to our prayers in a real, tangible way. Each week on the GEM prayer website, you'll see two different types of posts as you partner with GEM in prayer.




Special Interview with a German Believer

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  • posted on: October 22, 2014
Interview with Kathi Steinhauer


President's Report: GEM Leadership Meetings

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  • posted on: October 07, 2014
Our President, Henry Deneen, shares an update from the gorgeous Maroon Bells in Colorado. Please keep Henry and our GEM Leadership Team in your prayers this week as they meet here in Colorado.    


Leadership Update - Emotional Intelligence Reloaded

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  • posted on: September 29, 2014
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. - Proverbs 9:10   The idea of Emotional Intelligence, or EI, is that leadership (especially Christian leadership) is really about relationships. In two words, EI is about relationship wisdom. King Solomon would agree that having a bearing on when to hold one's tongue, when to be direct, how to communicate cross-culturally, and how to empower subordiantes is one of the keys to effective leadership.


Coming Soon - Andy Flannagan: Irish Minstrel and Storyteller

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  • posted on: September 12, 2014
Exciting things are happing in both North America and in Europe. Last year, we prayerfully considered an engaging and dynamic way to get the word out in North America of Europe's spiritual need: let a real, live European who is actively engaged in ministry speak for himself about the great things God is doing in Europe. Meet Andy Flannagan, an Irish singer, songwriter, and self proclaimed "Rouser of Rabble" who is going to be partnering with GEM this November in greater Atlanta, Dallas, and Denver to get the next generation of missionaries and church-planters involved with God's work in Europe and North Africa.